Citizen Op900ii Printer Driver Download

Citizen OP900II Printer Drivers. CITIZEN OP900II Thermal Sublimation Photo Printer. When character as well as speed are critical to printing your photos, expect no farther than the Citizen OP900ii. The OP900ii is a high functioning thermal dye sublimation photograph printer. It’s upwardly to 50% faster than competing models as well as slow to role both via Windows as well as Mac OS X. While its ruggedness as well as high functioning aid construct the OP900ii the preferred printer for professional person photographers, it is its particular character that gives a sumptuous complete perfectly uniform to the images as well as makes it 1 of the best photograph printers on the marketplace position today. The Citizen OP900 delivers high-speed color prints alongside finely graded, realistic colors. The companionship Citizen, manufacturer of thermal printing solutions, takes over the delivery every bit good every bit the spare parts as well as accessories service for the dye sublimation printer Olmec OP900. The rugged printer has ever been made yesteryear Citizen, but has then far been distributed yesteryear ICI Imagedata nether the construct elevate Olmec.

Citizen OP900II Driver Download

The Citizen OP900 is a professional person thermal dye sublimation printer that produces high-speed color prints alongside finely graded, realistic colors. According to the manufacturer, for prints inwards the format of 10 x fifteen cm, the printer needs merely nether 8 seconds, as well as the prints should transcend conventional photograph evolution on silvery halide paper, both inwards price of character as well as sharpness, depending on the character of the digital output file. The Citizen OP900 has a powerful impress / information transfer engine as well as a dual cache. This ensures an uninterrupted printout, since files tin last printed right away later on each other without a break. In addition, Citizen’s software utilities supply documentation of the media used as well as the printing status, then the printer is besides recommended for role yesteryear resultant photographers. The central of impress media takes house via the front. Particularly positive for role inwards mini-labs as well as other high-throughput networked applications, according to Citizen, is the exceptionally long, maintenance-free operating life of the printhead as well as printing mechanism. The novel model is sold through Citizen dealers specializing inwards photograph printers who besides offering impress media for the OP900 models (Olmec as well as Citizen) every bit good every bit spare parts as well as accessories. Printer drivers, utilities, as well as other printer materials are besides available on Citizen’s website.
 When character as well as speed are critical to printing your photos Citizen OP900II Printer Driver Download

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