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Download the latest versions of the ASUS drivers for Windows 10. The listing includes Smart Gesture, ATK Package, Audio, Bluetooth, WLAN, LAN, Graphics, Card Reader, USB Charger +, BIOS in addition to more. After upgrading to Windows 10, I came across to a greater extent than or less issues similar the touchpad. Therefore, I decided to update all ASUS drivers in addition to tools to the latest versions. In club to salvage yous to a greater extent than or less time, I thence include the consummate listing amongst all official ASUS drivers for Windows 10, since I had to search each of the latest versions all over the ASUS back upwards site.
 Download the latest versions of the ASUS drivers for Windows  Download ASUS drivers for Windows 10
  • The drivers included inwards the listing are for Notebooks or Laptops.
  • Most drivers are ZIP files. To install them, yous must extract the contents to a folder in addition to thence run the Setup.exe file .
  • If yous meet the message “Another version of this production is already installed …”, yous must start uninstall the previous version in addition to thence install the novel one.

ATK Package
ATK Package includes the ATKACPI driver in addition to utilities related to the hotkeys. To avoid abnormalities amongst the OSD afterward upgrading to Windows 10, delight upgrade the ATK Package to version 1.0.0038 or higher.
ASUS Smart Gesture
ASUS Smart Gesture offers a smoother in addition to to a greater extent than intuitive touchpad experience. To avoid losing your ASUS gesture settings afterward upgrading to Windows 10, delight upgrade ASUS Smart Gesture to version 4.0.5 or higher.
ASUS USB Charger Plus
ASUS USB Charger Plus is a tool to speedily charge your Apple mobile device. For the Quick Charge purpose to move afterward upgrading to Windows 10, delight upgrade ASUS USB Charger Plus to version 4.1.6 or higher.
Check the manufacturer for the Audio of your ASUS Notebook in addition to download the corresponding driver.
For the VIA manufacturer, the latest ASUS driver is for Windows 8.1:  VIA Audio . However, to a greater extent than or less users had problems amongst the microphone beingness solved using the Windows 10 driver from the VIA site :
Check the manufacturer for the Bluetooth of your ASUS Notebook in addition to download the corresponding driver.
Check the manufacturer for the Wireless LAN of your ASUS Notebook in addition to download the corresponding driver ( help ).
For  Qualcomm Atheros  and  Broadcom  it is also necessary to banking concern check the Driver Version every bit at that spot are unlike bifurcations related to the chipset ( help ). Download the driver that starts amongst the same version number every bit yours.
Check the manufacturer for the LAN / Ethernet of your ASUS Notebook in addition to download the corresponding driver.
For other manufacturers, the latest LAN drivers for Windows 8.1 move good nether Windows 10.
VGA / Graphics
Check the manufacturer for the VGA / Graphics of your ASUS Notebook in addition to download the corresponding driver.
For Intel drivers I exclusively exercise Windows Update. ASUS provides these drivers which gibe to a specific Intel chip:  Kaby Lake |  Skylake ( listing ) |  Broadwell ( listing ) |  Braswell ( listing ) |  Bay Trail ( listing ) |  Cherry Trail ( listing ). 
Alternatively, yous tin flame exercise the Intel Driver Update Utility tool . This application keeps your organisation up-to-date, identifying the novel drivers available for Intel components.
Note: Windows Update may overwrite the driver installed past times this tool.
For NVIDIA drivers I recommend installing GeForce Experience . This application keeps the NVIDIA drivers upwards to date.
Latest NVIDIA drivers for GeForce 400M, 500M, 600M, 700M, 800M in addition to 900M Series (Notebooks):
AMD graphics controllers tin flame move downloaded here:
The AMD graphics controller includes back upwards for ATI Radeon HD, FireGL, FirePro in addition to Mobility Radeon HD. Also, yous tin flame download the latest driver from the AMD site or yous tin flame discovery in addition to install your driver automatically amongst this tool:
Card reader
Check the manufacturer for the Card Reader of your ASUS Notebook in addition to download the corresponding driver.
For the manufacturer Ricoh, the latest ASUS driver is for Windows 7:  Ricoh R5U8xx Card Reader 3.62.02. However, at that spot is a novel version of Dell:
For the manufacturer JMicron , the latest driver on the JMicron site is:

Other Drivers

 AsMedia USB3.0 Driver Power4Gear Hybrid 3.0.8
 ExpressCache Instant Key 1.1.7
 Thunderbolt Instant On 3.0.6
 ASUS HDD Protection 4.07.0067 Life Frame3 3.1.13
 ASUS PC Diagnostics 1.4.5 ASUS Secure Delete 1.0.0012
 ASUS Touchpad Handwriting 1.0.3 ASUS Backtracker 3.0.9
 Elantech Touchpad ASUS Screen Saver 2.1.0
 ELAN Fingerprint ASUS Wireless Switch 3.0.47
 Synaptics Fingerprint 4.5.306.0 ASUS Virtual Camera 1.0.28
 ICE Sound ASUS Business Manager 1.0.3
 Cool Logic USB 3.0 Host Driver Cool USB3.0 Driver
ROG – Republic Of Gamers 
 ASUS Gaming Center 2.0.3 
 ASUS ROG Game First IV 1.5.31 
 ASUS ROG MacroKey 1.0.6 
 ASUS ROG Aura 1.0.4 
 ASUS 11.0.14 Touchpad Precision 
 Gaming Mouse 2.00.030
ROG – Republic Of Gamers 
 ASUS GPU Tweak for Laptops 1.0.10
ASUS Transformer Book 
 ASUS Quick Launch 1.0.7 
 ASUS Keyboard Lock 1.0.9 
 ASUS FlipLock 1.0.21 
 Chi Keyboard Power 1.1.0
ASUS Transformer Book 
 ASUS Transformer Book 1.0.9 
 Trio OS Switcher 1.0.10 
 ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Technology 3.19.0003 ASUS VivoBook 1.0.33
 ASUS Live Update 3.4.3
DO NOT USE , take away Live Update.
Allows hackers to produce remote code execution.
ASUS Taichi Display Control 1.0.13 ASUS 
 Taichi Home 1.0.30 ASUS Close Lid 1.1.8

 ASUS WebStorage 
ASUS WebStorage Free Account 5GB
 ASUS Console for T Series 1.0.5 
 ASUS northward Series 1.0.5 Console for 
 ASUS Console 1.1.6 for Trio
 ASUS Battery Health Charging 1.0.0002
 ASUS HiPost 1.0.8
 PixelMaster Video HDR 1.1.37
 Wireless Radio Control
 IR Camera 10.0.10586.11224
 Intel Camera 30.14393.9751.3540 
 Intel Depth Camera Manager
 Intel Integrated Sensor Solution
 Intel HID Event Filter
 Intel Trusted Execution Engine Interface
 Intel Collaborative Processor Performance Control
 Intel Wireless Display
Intel INF Update Chipset *
  Kaby Lake |  Skylake |  Cherry Trail 
Intel Chipset Device Software (INF Update Utility) 
 AMD Chipset
 Intel Management Engine Interface 
Intel Management Engine (Intel ME)
Prev .: Intel ME 9 | Intel ME 10
 Intel Serial IO 30.100.1643.1 
 Intel Serial IO 
 Intel Serial IO I2C 604.10146.2643.2818 
 Intel Serial IO GPIO 604.10146.2652.10301
Intel Rapid Storage Technology *
  Kaby Lake |  Skylake 
Intel RST RAID Driver
Intel Dynamic Platform in addition to Thermal Framework *
  Kaby Lake |  Skylake |  Cherry Trail

If yous tin flame non discovery a driver, endeavour searching the ASUS media .

Some of the Intel drivers provided past times ASUS gibe to a specific Intel chip. So if the driver file refer contains words similar Skylake , Broadwell , Braswell or Bay Trail yous necessitate to know which chipset yous convey earlier installing it. I included the lists of chipsets inwards the Graphics department . Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 user of the UX32VD (Ivy Bridge chipset) reported depression CPU frequency in addition to overheating because of the Intel DPTF driver for Skylake. The solution was to install an older version for Windows 8 of the DPTF driver for your chipset.
ASUS does non render drivers for the photographic idiot box camera on virtually models because the built-in photographic idiot box camera industrial plant properly amongst Microsoft drivers. If yous nonetheless necessitate to install a driver for the camera, the drivers for Windows seven tin flame move flora here: Camera . First, yous volition necessitate to discovery the PID number of your photographic idiot box camera in addition to thence download the corresponding driver. To larn the PID number, I opened the Device Manager > “USB 2.0 … WebCam”> Details > Hardware ID > in addition to hold off for the PID number inwards Value every bit PID _ ####.
There is to a greater extent than or less other application called ASUS Remote Link which also installs Smart Gesture in addition to Windows lists every bit ASUS Smart Gesture version 4.3.9. However, the version number does non gibe to Smart Gesture since the application has fewer options than the final one. In addition, the Mobile Control tab displays a Previous Server Version ( vs. So, if yous desire to exercise Remote Link I recommend installing the latest version of Smart Gesture, larn to the Mobile Control tab in addition to tick “Enable Remote Link on my PC”.
Be real careful when updating the BIOS, it could halt upwards amongst a reckoner that does non boot. Just update it if necessary.
First, banking concern check the BIOS version of your ASUS Notebook. Then hold off for the model of your laptop inwards the ASUS back upwards site in addition to download the BIOS file, if at that spot is a newer version. Finally, install in addition to run ASUS WinFlash to update the BIOS version.
Help: Where to discovery the model name? | How produce I update the BIOS version?
If for to a greater extent than or less argue yous necessitate to install an older version of the BIOS, yous should run the application amongst the / nodate parameter . I opened a Command Prompt window (cmd) in addition to executed “C: \ Program Files (x86) \ ASUS \ WinFlash \ WinFlash.exe” / nodate

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