Download Asus Zenbook Ux3430uq Driver Notebook

Asus Zenbook UX3430UQ Notebook Driver. The Zenbook is a potent work concern together with part notebook, which looks really noble through its high-quality metallic housing. The equipment makes amongst an fantabulous IPS display together with dedicated graphics bill of fare plough over the impression that the Zenbook would hold upward a potent multimedia device. But why Asus inward times of notebook variants of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti on the hopelessly outdated together with inferior GeForce 940MX sets, remains the editors of inward the testmystery. With solely ii GB of graphics memory, the Asus notebook is likewise the slower version of the graphics card. This is no longer plenty for graphically complex gaming titles from 2015 together with 2016. The solely wages of a dedicated graphics unit of measurement is the fact that yous tin play many games inward the kickoff house together with internal processor graphics chips ofttimes usage non fifty-fifty let yous to start the games.

Asus Zenbook UX3430UQ Driver Download

Full hard disk videos should hold upward able to play without whatsoever problems amongst high-resolution 4K material, however, rapidly forces the chip to its knees. What proficient choice does the notebook marketplace offer? Anyone who values ​​a dedicated graphics bill of fare inward a notebook should sooner or afterwards visit gaming notebooks, every bit they ofttimes offering high-performance hardware at a slightly higher cost than the Zenbook. The Dell Alienware thirteen (i7-7700HQ, GTX 1060, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD), for example, has a potent GeForce GTX 1060 and, cheers to the OLED display, likewise has fantabulous multimedia features. Dell’s laptop, however, is much larger together with heavier than the slim Asus subnotebook. If yous usage non desire to play gaming amongst the device together with instead desire to edit photos together with videos, together with thus yous are good equipped amongst an Apple MacBook thirteen provided yous tolerate macOS every bit the operating system.

 The Zenbook is a potent work concern together with part notebook Download Asus Zenbook UX3430UQ Driver Notebook
Download here:
Windows Drivers: Only for Windows 10 64-bit

. VGA:
Version V22.20.16.4836.04 – 2018/02/05:281.21 MBytes – Intel Graphics Driver – DOWNLOAD
Version V23.21.13.8816 – 2017/12/27:593.69 MBytes – nVidia Graphics Driver – DOWNLOAD
Version V22.21.13.8284 – 2017/08/25:578.58 MBytes – nVidia Graphics Driver – DOWNLOAD
Version V21.20.16.4627.02 – 2017/04/27:251.37 MBytes – Intel Graphics Driver – DOWNLOAD
Version 304 – 2018/03/09 – 4.42 MBytes – DOWNLOAD
Version 303 – 2018/01/12 – 4.42 MBytes – DOWNLOAD
Version V6.0.1.8248 – 2017/11/17 – 109.78 MBytes – Realtek Audio Driver – DOWNLOAD
Version V6.0.1.7997- 2017/02/13 – 236.07 MBytes – Realtek Audio Driver – DOWNLOAD
. LAN:
Version V10.10.713.2016 – 2016/12/29- 9.1 MBytes – Realtek LAN Driver – DOWNLOAD
. Card Reader:
Version V20.23.401.14519 – 2016/08/16 – 16.63 MBytes – Alcor Multi-Card – DOWNLOAD
. TouchPad:
Version V11.0.14 – 2016/11/242.73 MBytes – ASUS Precision Touchpad – DOWNLOAD
. Others:
-Intel Management Engine Interface
Version V11.7.0.1052 – 2018/02/05 – 72.71 MBytes – DOWNLOAD
-Intel Serial IO controller driver
Version V30.100.1725.1 – 2017/08/29 – 3.02 MBytes – DOWNLOAD
-Synaptics Fingerprint Driver
Version V1.5.7.1 – 2016/12/22 – 9.38 MBytes – DOWNLOAD
To back upward biometric authentication application of Windwos 10 – “Windows Hello” fingerprint utility .
-Intel Management Engine Interface
Version V11.6.0.1036 – 2016/12/01 – 74.6 MBytes – DOWNLOAD
-Intel(R) Serial IO GPIO Driver
Version V30.100.1633.3 – 2016/11/10 – 2.61 MBytes – DOWNLOAD
-Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver
Version V15.2.0.1020 – 2016/10/26 – 1.35 MBytes – DOWNLOAD
-Intel® Dynamic Platform together with Thermal Framework Driver
Version V8.2.11000.2996 – 2016/09/07 – 14.08 MBytes – DOWNLOAD

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